Our in-house lab offers superior sample security and consistently accurate results.

The AQE lab is staffed by highly educated microbiologists and environmental analysts that deliver reliable test results using top quality equipment. We are leaders in the field with over 25+ years of experience analyzing contaminants that exist indoors. Our laboratory has been involved with research and recognized for setting many of the guidelines that others follow today. We are proud of our adherence to meticulous standards and timely, dependable reporting for all types of projects.

Biological Analysis

Air Quality Environmental has established itself as a reliable biological testing laboratory with an excellent track record in quality analysis, competitive pricing, and great customer service.

Tape Lift or Bulk Sample
Tape lift / Bulk Sample of Fungal Growth

Culturable Fungi (Viable) Air Impact or Swab Cultures
Includes incubation, and identification to species level (Aspergillus) and enumeration of mold colonies

Fungal Spore Traps (Non-viable)
Air samples collected with Allergenco or Burkard (slides) and Air-O-Cell (Zefon) or other air cassettes.
Identification and enumeration of fungal spores, and pollen (customer supplied cassette)

Dust Bulk, Wipe or Air Sample (Viable / Non-viable — Full Characterization)
Full characterization counts / percentage of air samples (Air-O-Cell) or Bulk (fiber types, dust particles, skin particles, diatoms, pollen identification, insect parts, dust mites, mold spores and industrial / environmental debris, etc.)

Bacterial Identification
Fecal coliforms

Allergen Testing — Group 2 for common house dust mites

Asbestos Analysis

We provide accurate, affordable, quick turnaround asbestos testing for home-owners, contractors, buyers and sellers, realtors, property managers, federal enforcement, and environmental consultants.

PLM (Bulk Asbestos Fiber Analysis by App. E to Sub. E of 40 CFR Part 763 and EPA 600/R-93/116)
Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) uses polarized light to analyze mineral-specific properties in fibers. This is a highly accurate way to identify asbestos particles that exist in building materials.

Point Count (400 point & 1000 point analysis)
PLM tests often identify “trace” amounts of asbestos. A trace amount is usually considered as < 1% asbestos and a point count analysis will determine a more exact percentage of asbestos present to meet NESHAP regulations.

PCM Phase Contrast Microscopy (Fiber Counting / NIOSH 7400)
Phase Contract Microscopy (PCM) is widely used to measure fiber concentrations that can indicate that asbestos is present in air samples.

+ Sample fees for multi-layered samples are billed per sample (NOT PER LAYER). Only point counts are billed per layer. Competitive labs may offer a lower price per sample, but this charge is per layer which on an average basis is higher than our fee of $9 per sample. This pricing structure gives you more accurate estimated fees and the single cost per sample bag has proven to be consistently lower in total cost vs labs that charge a separate fee per layer.


  • Samples submitted must be accompanied with a chain of custody form (click here for chain of custody if needed)
  • All precautions should be taken to prevent cross contamination during transportation.
  • Turn-around times begin when we receive the sample at our laboratory and listed by business days. Samples that arrive after 2pm will be considered the following business day. AQE provides next day, same day, and immediate results. Weekend lab services are upon request. Please note that some results may take longer, such as a test requiring cultures which depend on the growth rate of the organism.
  • Asbestos Lab Results: 3 business days (standard turn-around time)
  • Microbiological Lab Results: 3-5 business days (depending on the sample and required test)
  • Samples are processed in the order received and by turnaround times. (Immediate, Same Day, Next Day, etc.) Results are due by the close of our business day.
  • We do not have 24 hrs. More times than not, sample results will be given within the 24hr timeframe. (If sample results are needed by a deadline, please specify so on the chain of custody and the lab will do it's very best to accommodate your requests.) Our business hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday and 9:00am-4:00pm Friday.

Any other questions? Contact AQE at 727-398-0900 or by email: